Top wedding food ideas for a hot day!

The gorgeous weather is at last upon us and as the mercury rises across Leicestershire, everyone is firing up the barbie and topping up their tans as they get a good old dose of sunshine into their systems. It’s bringing an extra element of happy to the weddings I’ve been to lately too, because the […]

Funky Wedding Food Inspiration

If you’re planning your wedding catering and you see the words ‘set menu’, run a mile. Seriously, run a mile. Your wedding food should be about you as a couple, not about what someone else has decided you and your guests would like to eat and these days there’s nothing that’s not achievable. Trust me. […]

How much does wedding catering cost?

Wedding receptions come in all shapes and sizes, from the small family affair with the home made sandwiches round your Mum’s to the massive glamorous affair that wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of Hello magazine. If you’ve decided to take some of the strain out of the big day, you might have […]

Unusual wedding catering in Leicester

Leicester is a city renowned for its incredible diversity and many cultures. As a result, it’s a city which can arguably offer the most amazing range of international food to taste in the whole country. But why only take your chance to enjoy it on a night out? If you’re planning a wedding, it’s so […]

Catering for marquees in Leicester

There are some great ways to do the catering for a wedding, depending on the theme the couple are going for, the time of year and the location. Now that the joys of spring and summer are getting ever closer, it’s the season when you might start to see some amazing outdoors weddings which make […]

Let’s Get Planning Your Summer Wedding Catering!

Here, at Thomas the Caterer, January has got off to a flying start! There’s been no time for January blues with awards ceremonies to attend, and most importantly summer weddings to plan.  We’re already looking forward to Thomas Towers becoming the hubbub of catering creativity which made 2015 so categorically awesome. Again! In our latest […]

Mel & Mikes Italian themed wedding catering

Mel and mike had an idea: They wanted to have chilled out wedding catering with an Italian twist so we created…. The Italian job! “Just like-a mamma used to do!” (Apply poor italian accent) We discussed all the things they love to eat Italian style and progressed from there to create and awesome menu full […]