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How To Choose Your First Dance Wedding Song

  The first dance wedding song. It’s something that you’re likely to look back on with fond memories for years to come. And, whether you choose a song which reminds you of your relationship, is a statement about how much you love each other, or is more about aiding a memorable performance on the night, […]

Got Engaged?! What happens next?  

So it’s actually happened! The question has been popped by your one true love and now you’re stood there in the heart of somewhere special, sporting a big fat sparkler on your fourth finger. How exciting! Hopefully it’s been the most magical of occasions for you – perhaps your marriage proposal was made in some […]

The Magic In Proposals

The Beginning Of The Journey… The journey of marriage and the time thereafter is a beautiful one, full of joy and happiness and occasionally fall outs… However there is one thing all journeys share in common and that’s the magical beginning. For weddings and marriage that beginning is the proposal. The act of asking the […]

Mel & Mikes Italian themed wedding catering

Mel and mike had an idea: They wanted to have chilled out wedding catering with an Italian twist so we created…. The Italian job! “Just like-a mamma used to do!” (Apply poor italian accent) We discussed all the things they love to eat Italian style and progressed from there to create and awesome menu full […]

Introducing: New Staff Member Profile

Say Hi to Lynsey everyone! Lynsey has come to us from far flung lands such as the glamorous Las Vegas to the humble Carlisle, where she hails from! Lynsey has had an exciting career in events so far, so she is matched perfectly to get everyone at Thomas Towers super dooper organised! If you call […]