Kissing shack- Wedding catering dessert

Back in September, I was feeling creative! I had a delicious but unique idea for your wedding catering dessert.


Thomas’ Kissing Shack was invented! The shack itself is very simple, but accompanied by all sorts of tempting goodies such as mini meringues, red fruits, sauces, lashings of whipped cream and popping candy, it becomes a fun and exciting way to present your wedding dessert!


The kissing shack can be taken anywhere! From fields and tipi’s to halls and manor houses you can choose what you would like to serve from the shack and indeed what you would like to be written on the ‘shack’s blackboard, to make it unique and personalised for you.



Together with a friendly smile and a chat from behind the shack (me) you have a perfect dessert or snack bar that gets people up and away from tables.

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You can think outside the box and use vintage china or takeaway tubs for a dessert on the move!

Some other ideas:

–       Cinnamon cream and pears for a wonderful winter wedding

–       Sweetie jars, if you’re a big kid at heart

–       Cakes, if you have a sugary sweet tooth


Thanks to Joanne Withers for the photography.

Thanks to Bawdon Lodge for using their farm.

Thanks to James and Tamsin for being our models!