The Magic In Proposals

The Beginning Of The Journey…

The journey of marriage and the time thereafter is a beautiful one, full of joy and happiness and occasionally fall outs… However there is one thing all journeys share in common and that’s the magical beginning.

For weddings and marriage that beginning is the proposal. The act of asking the one you love to marry you, to share the rest of their life with you. This itself is so beautiful how 1 short sentence can mean so much to everyone who hears it.

“Will you marry me?”

If you have not yet heard these words or if you have already then you’ll understand what we mean when we say: It is the most perfect and heart-stopping moment ever! Such a simple sentence can cause so many different feelings such as happiness, shock, sadness, the list is endless.

Without further ado I want to share with all of you our top 20 Wedding Proposals that we picked out in the Leicester Kitchen.

So here they are… Enjoy!

We all hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did, maybe you shed a couple of tears or maybe even felt inspired for when you pop the big question. Either way here at the Leicester kitchen are glad to share these special moments with you and hope you found them so so magical.

Are you looking to surprise your partner? Maybe the videos have inspired you. Contact us today to discuss your proposal ideas or to organise a custom menu for the occasion or even for the wedding, if you know they will say yes!