Thomas to the Rescue!! – A bride In Need!

Dum dum derr der dum dum di derr! (super man theme)

January is the quiet time for weddings, generally we all go on holiday have some well earned R&R. My job, of course is having big cups of tea and talking to newly engaged couples about their menus and food inspiration with cake!  But on one cold January evening, just immediately after a consultation here at Thomas Towers the phone rang…

“Oh hi I have been recommended to you by a handful of people tonight on Facebook and I was wondering if you could Cater my friends wedding?”

“Yes certainly, when is it?”

“A week on Saturday…”

“Right Ok… well we are free so yes!”

“Great I will get Lynn to call you back!’

I put the phone down and 5 minutes later Lynn and I were discussing her menu in the finer details. What courses, dishes, canapés and desserts she would like:

It turns out that Poor Lynn and Andrew (Bride and Groom) had been let down by their Caterer, not once but twice! For varying reasons, and their lovely friends had come to help them out (that’s what friends are there for hey) This is a real shame to hear their Caterers had backed out and I can’t imagine how awful it must be two weeks before your wedding and no Caterer normally we are booked one year in advance!

Lynn and Andrew had already been married at a small ceremony in London two weeks before hand and the “wedding reception” was to be a relaxed classy affair at their home in Litchfield.

Lynn and Andrew opted for Canapés, Bowl foods, Cheeseboard and Miniature Desserts.

Here is how it looked:

Canapes on arrival

  • Hoi Sin Duck Pancakes cucumber and spring onion,
  • Chorizo and pea Aranchini, basil mayonnaise
  • Lime baked salmon and coconut & coriander cream tarts
  • Red onion and courgette pakora mint dipping sauce
  • Mini fish and chips mushy peas.

Bowl food

  • King prawn Thai curry Steamed basmati rice coriander and bean sprouts
  • King prawn Thai curry
  • Boeuf Bourgignon, pomme puree, haricots verts.
  • Jerk chicken, rice & peas papaya and mango salsa
  • Jerk chicken
  • Smoked haddock, spinach oven dried tomatoes and Sauce mornay.Smoked haddock Mornay

Minature desserts

  • Thomas the caterers famous chocolate brownies
  • Mini Lemon meringue pies

Lemon meringue pies

Cheese board

Amazing local cheeses, crackers grapes and Thomas the caterers home made Membrillo.


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