Thomas TV Episode 3!

Episode 3

The Ultimate Pork Party Piece!

If you like the look of the Pork Shoulder and if you would love to have some awesome food at your wedding, put your email and phone number in the form on the right and we can organise a meeting and I will bring some lovely cake!

The Ingredients

1. Large Pork Shoulder. Ask your butcher to cut you a piece specific to the number of guests you have coming round.

The How To Bit!

– You may have noticed in the video that I made a blooper and said gas 4 all day long THAT IS WRONG! (it had been a long day) If you cook the Pork at gas mark 2-3 all day your going to have an amazing piece of tasty meat!

РPlace on a high heat to begin with then cover and lower the oven after half an hour. Then after 6-7 hours remove all the grease proof and tin foil and turn the heat up again! At this point keep an eye on it you want the crackling to be ace but not burnt!


See you in the next episode!