15 Wacky Wedding Ideas: Part 1

It’s often the case that some of the most fabulous weddings are the ones that offer something unique and special to the personalities of the bride and groom – maybe a fun surprise with plenty of laughter flowing or sweet little touches here and there that really make it stand out.

There are lots of wacky and wonderful ways to achieve this, from video booths instead of wedding books, where guests can record their well wishes, to crazy wedding favours and impromptu West End operatic performances from people posing as the waiting staff!

When it comes to the food and drink you provide, there is so much fun to be had with just a little creative imagination.

So, I’ve put together a series of 15 wacky wedding ideas that can really make the day go with a bang and first off it’s…

waiter with wacky wedding drinks

The happy juice…

  1. The DIY water-cooler bar – Imagine your favourite cocktails or spirits on tap in a water-cooler style where guests can help themselves. Not only can this be a quirky take on the office environment (maybe that’s where the bride and groom met?), but it can also save you a packet on bar staff. It’s a great way to keep the drinks flowing and get everyone in the mood for dancing the night away. Just watch out though, it can get messy!

  2. A Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception – One of the naughtiest things about a wedding is that it’s ok to have a cheeky tipple whatever time of day it is. A mimosa bar is a fantastic alternative to your traditional bucks fizz style champagne reception. Just imagine champagne (of course), but with lots of different types of fresh fruit juices, such as orange, grapefruit, mango and peach. A lovely addition to this is fresh sliced fruits to add to the drinks – think strawberries, raspberries, oranges and lemon.

  3. Do you think some of your guests might like the idea of pulling their own pints? Are some a fan of real ales perhaps? Having your very own beer or wine bar at the reception will give them the chance to try a variety of your favourite drinks and you’ll have fun picking the ones you want beforehand!

  4. Hangover kit for after the party – What a great leaving present for your guests when they leave the reception! Add in some Alka Seltzer, some Berocca maybe, soothing eye gel, energy bar, mouthwash and a small bottle of water, put it together in some pretty packaging and they’re bound to thank you in the morning!


How we can help on your special day

The secret to an awesome wedding is to get really creative with your ideas and present a talking point that your guests and more importantly you, as the happy couple, will remember for years to come. This is where and how we can help on your special day.

We can offer you the food and drink of your dreams, beautifully presented and served with a smile to your guests, with no hassle and no limitations on the creations and combinations we provide.

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