15 wacky wedding ideas Part 2

Recently we touched on some of the wacky and wonderful drinks themed treats you can have to make your wedding really sparkle. From a delicious mimosa bar to a helping hand with the sore head the morning after, there are certainly lots of fun things you can do to make the party go with a swing.

But the fun doesn’t have to end with the drinks ideas. There’s so much you can do to make your wedding stand out as one to remember for years to come. So, whether it’s a little nod to the personalities of the bride and groom or something completely and utterly off the wall, it’s time to start thinking creatively and make your wedding unique and very fabulous indeed with our part 2 of our 15 wacky wedding ideas!


Some out there ideas

  1. Edible wedding favours – OK, lets move away from the sugared almonds bit. Unless you want a nostalgic feel to your wedding there is so much more fun to be had with this idea. Imagine, hand made fudge created specially for your wedding, with a flavour that you have dreamt up all on your own. How about your very own personalised chocolate bar, little bags of candy or flavoured, multi-coloured corn? Bright fortune cookies can look pretty special too – and you even get to write your own fortunes!

  3. Charitable scratch cards – this is an opportunity to give something back to a well-deserving cause while giving your guests a chance to win big. Charitable scratch cards are a great idea and for Leicestershire weddings you can even help closer to home with the LOROS hospice scratch cards where winners can scoop between £1 and £1,000.

  5. Ice cream sundae bar – I doubt there are many people who would be turned off by the chance to create their own ice cream sundae. Just imagine fantastic flavours of ice cream with little bowls of treats to sprinkle on top. Team that with some coca-cola to make it a true sundae and you’ve got a fabulous feature to wow your guests with at any time throughout your wedding.
  6. Food truck – there’s no way this has to be the preserve of music festivals or a dodgy choice at the end of a night out. As your guests begin to think about staggering home after all the fun, let the wondrous smells of hot dogs, burgers and kebabs start wafting their way. Bring your favourite food truck to your wedding and they’re going to flock to it in their hundreds. A great way to end the night with happy memories and a full tummy.

  8. Kids table – if there are a few little ones at your wedding, why not bear the kids entertainment in mind as well as the adults. When the grown ups can let their hair down it makes for a much more happy occasion, so a good way to do this is by putting some thought into your kids table. Give them things to do while the speeches are on, such as colouring books, crayons and little toys. Also include bowls and bags of treats – the sort that will make your event special to them too.



We work with you to make a stand out wedding!

If you want your wedding to truly stand out on the big day, the secret is to really get imaginative. Do your research, set no limits, add a touch of your own unique personality and take some tips from people who have seen a few wacky weddings of their own recently.

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