15 Wacky Wedding Ideas Part 3

If you want your wedding to be a talking point for all the right reasons and carry on being that way for some time to come afterwards, then a great way to do this is by stepping away from tradition and featuring something unusual, unique and fabulous to surprise everyone on the day.

There’s a lot to be said for putting your own special touches into your wedding, as not only can it provide something different for your guests, but more importantly it makes it an occasion to be treasured even more as you grow old together.

If you’re up for including something cool and different at your wedding, check out 15 Wacky Wedding Ideas part3! Our series finale.

whack food idea sparklers

Our final 6 ideas!

  1. Canapés served on astro turf – this combination of yummy canapés makes a beautiful and delicious treat for guests to enjoy directly after the ceremony. It’s especially good for filling a gap if they’re having to wait while the photographs are taken after the service.

  3. Surprise popping candy in desserts – what wonderful memories we have from our childhood and one of the most fun has to be some of the weird and wonderful sweets there were around. How about when you choose your delicious dessert you add in a special surprise in the form of popping candy?

  5. Edible soil with mint leaves – because there’s nothing like eating something that you’re pretty sure you shouldn’t be eating. While most people probably haven’t tried real soil since they were toddling around the garden looking for worms, this comes pretty close looks wise, but it’s gorgeous to try.

  7. Mojito bar with range of flavours – a mojito is one of my most favourite classic cocktails and it doesn’t only have to be reserved for a far flung holiday or summer’s day. This gorgeous drink comes in a variety of flavours, all of which are delicious to sample at a wedding, so why not try a few and see what you think.

  9. Desserts with sparklers served at a fireworks display – fireworks at a wedding are a real touch of luxury, especially when they’re done well. Add an extra touch to the display with puddings served to guests while they watch which come with their very own sparklers.

  11. Classy kebab served later on after the meal – in essence, when you look at the ingredients of a classy kebab, (toasted pitta, pulled pork, cabbage slaw, triple cooked chips, chilli sauce, cheese, garlic mayo), they’re actually really gorgeous – especially when they’re made right. So, your guests get an end of the night bit of indulgence, but you’ll be ensuring it’s going to taste gorgeous and there’ll be no dicky tummies the next day too.

beautiful wedding day

Make your wedding stand out!

Having an unusual and exciting added treat or surprise for your guests on your wedding day is one surefire way to make your wedding stand out from all the rest. Make it about you, make it special and make it truly fabulous by adding a wacky touch that suits you as the happy couple down to the ground.

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