Funky Wedding Food Inspiration

Funky Wedding Food Inspiration

If you’re planning your wedding catering and you see the words ‘set menu’, run a mile. Seriously, run a mile. Your wedding food should be about you as a couple, not about what someone else has decided you and your guests would like to eat and these days there’s nothing that’s not achievable. Trust me.

You only need to see from some of the international markets and great food stalls dotted around the major cities, not to mention the awesome international flavours there are to sample in Leicester, that it pays to get creative when it comes to food. And, when we’re talking funky wedding food inspiration, this makes a great place to start.

Some of my coolest wedding ideas come from around the world and it really makes for a talking point among your guests that is guaranteed to impress even the fussiest of eaters. So here is some funky wedding food inspiration, but remember the options are endless!

A few different ideas!

Hog roast – all the most fabulous weddings seem to be going a bit rustic at the minute and summer makes a perfect time to scatter a few hay bales around, erect a tepee or two and get the camp fires burning. A great accompaniment to a rustic wedding is a hog roast, which is a really exciting take on the traditional barbecue idea.

Pie and mash – again nothing standard here. You can set up your wedding catering as upmarket or as easy going as you like. With our home-made pies we use only 100% British meat and vegetarian approved ingredients, which, when served up with some delicious varieties of mash and veggies can taste divine.

Get some Greek in your life – Remember that Greek/ Spanish/ Italian/ French holiday paradise? – How about evoking the delights of a fabulous European holiday by serving up some of the food at your wedding that you tried while you were there? If it’s Greek you like, for example, you’ve got some great types of kebabs to try, along with delicious dips and of course lashings of ouzo to top it off.

Cool veggie – there’s nothing that has to be boring or samey about vegetarian food. Even avid meat eaters love some of the things that can be conjured up if you’re prepared to get creative with your cooking.

Street food US style – US cities such as New York offer a real treat when it comes to food ideas. You can go from your traditional hot dogs and burgers, to sweet and savoury treats such as pretzels and doughnuts… that’s if you choose to just stick with the American stuff. These guys really love their food and it shows.

Mexican greatness – add a bit of spice to the day with Mexican food that smells and tastes delicious. Go as chilli hot or as mild as your guests can manage with a range of tacos, nachos, quesadillas and burritos that they will adore.

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If you’ve got some awesome ideas for your wedding there’s really nothing that can’t be achieved with a bit of creative thinking. Get in touch with me today to discover how unique and unusual you could get with the food on your big day.