Gourmet Wedding Catering Leicester

Sophisticated, indulgent, rich and full of flavour.. Gourmet food, or the art of fine dining is so delightfully exquisite that if your guests are presented with it at your wedding, they’re bound to be impressed.

This refined and elaborate presentation of high quality food will add a touch of high-end class to your wedding day. And if you’re looking for gourmet wedding catering in Leicester, then it’s a style of dining that we’d be delighted to provide.

To become a proper gourmet chef, it takes a certain level of expertise regarding food and drink, as well as a true love of sophisticated, exciting food preparation, presentation and style.

The sort of sensational foods you might find in the several courses of a gourmet meal may include smoked salmon, foie gras, pate, caviar, truffles, specialty meats, cheeses and condiments.

With elegant gourmet food at your wedding, it would not look out of place on the pages of Hello – it’s simply that grand!

Sophisticated Wedding Catering

 As a chef, I’ve always enjoyed new challenges and the opportunity to create beautiful food for a wedding. And gourmet food is certainly one way to help make the day as memorable as it can possibly be.

There’s no set menu either. Each and every wedding is unique, with the menu tailored specifically to the wants of the bride and groom – this way we can be sure we will provide something truly memorable every time.

So, if sophisticated wedding catering is what you’re looking for, give us a call to discuss the sort of wondrous food we can present to your guests on your big day.

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