How to Work With Your Leicester Wedding Caterer

How to work with your Leicester Wedding Caterer

When you want things to run smoothly (especially when it’s your wedding day), it’s important to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet (forgive the pun).

You could have the best in the business when it comes to weddings, but, if it’s not been well co-ordinated then it runs the risk of calamity – and we can’t be having tears at the wedding breakfast now can we! In all our years of wedding catering we’ve always worked closely with our happy couples to ensure that what we provide for their big day is exactly what they’re looking for. And when it comes to experience and know-how we’ve got bucket loads of it.

So, whether it’s wow factor you’re looking for, or something entirely different, if you’re wondering how to work with your Leicester wedding caterer to ensure that all is tickety boo on the day, then try having these top tips in mind when you do:

Thomas’ top tips

Keep your caterer in the loop. Make sure they know the venue, are aware of what’s there and how you want the day to go. Also, get them in touch with any of the other major players on the day who they will need to work alongside, such as the cake maker or florist.

Have an honest budget in mind from the very start and find out whether the catering you want is achievable within that budget.

If there’s something unusual you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask. We’ve been there, seen and done a lot, but we’re always open to new and whacky ideas!

Make sure you factor any special dietary requirements into your menu from the very beginning. Do you have any small people, vegetarians, vegans or food allergy sufferers to consider for example?

The best bit – arrange a tasting/consultation session beforehand at Thomas Towers. After all, it’s important to get a flavour for how gorgeous the food is going to be!

And remember to stay in touch – keep your caterers informed at every stage of the wedding planning process and let them know if anything changes that might affect the catering plans.

Got an idea? Send it our way

The best way to work with any decent wedding caterer is to be completely honest about what you’re looking for in your big day from the very start. So, if you have some ideas, why not send them our way and see what we can do?