Leicester Wedding Proposals We’ve Heard About!

Leicester Wedding Proposals We’ve Heard About!

It’s one of the most loved up seasons of the year and what a time to recall some of the marvellous wedding proposals we’ve ever heard!

When we’re catering for a fabulous Leicester wedding, we like to really get to know the happy couple, hear about how they got together and have a good gossip about how the big proposal was made.

After all, it’s got to be one of the most romantic, exciting and memorable times of your life. Knowing the full history of the happy times leading up to a proposal gives us an insight into the couple themselves and allows us to come up with some unique and creative ways to help make their wedding truly wondrous.

Needless to say, we’ve got some great tales to tell. So, if you’re planning a proposal (or you’re hoping to receive one), sit back, pour yourself a cuppa (or glass of wine) and daydream away, as you check out some of the best Leicester wedding proposals we’ve heard about!

Our most perfect (and unusual) proposals

Without a doubt, putting your own unique spin on a marriage proposal has to be the best way to go about it. Here is a list of stories from our clients which makes up some of the craziest and most unusual wedding proposals we’ve heard:

  • In the middle of a flash mob on a Leicester shopping trip – (loving the element of surprise!)
  • Brass band playing favourite love song in the park.
  • A proposal written in chocolate sauce that comes with the pudding in a restaurant.
  • Re-enactment of a scene from a romantic movie (this one was Pretty Woman – which is the best, obvs!!)
  • The ring was hidden in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.
  • Proposal was spelled out in stones in the garden, for them to see when it got light.
  • A sandcastle already built on the beach, with the words written next to it in shells.
  • Surprise picnic on the park, with champagne and the ring hidden in amongst the pudding.
  • Surprised at work, with an impromptu meeting at the end of the day and colleagues in on the moment to make it more special.
  • Marriage proposal written on the white board at work when they arrived in the morning and a surprise day off after.
  • Ring in a Christmas decoration hung on the tree.
  • The words written in the sky.
  • Treasure hunt with individual letters to find that spell out ‘will you marry me’.
  • Personalised firework display to go off as the proposal is made.

Share Your Proposal With Us!

Can you beat this? What amazing stuff do you have in store for your marriage proposal? Perhaps you’ve already made the best proposal ever, or was it you who was proposed to in the most fabulous way? Please share your stories with us, either through an email, on Facebook or pop over to Thomas Towers, because we love a good gossip!

Remember Your Leicester Wedding Catering!

And remember, once the proposal has been made, enjoy the moment. Spend some time revelling in the romance and then, when you’re ready, you can start planning for the big day! It’s always good to get some ideas together well in advance and your Leicester wedding catering should be as amazing as the proposal. Get in touch with us to throw some ideas around and let’s have some fun!