Let’s Get Planning Your Spring Wedding Catering!

All is ready for a wedding ceremony in blooming garden in sunny spring day

Well, we might still be a bit bleary eyed from the end of season party but having made wedding catering undeniably awesome in 2015, we’re already looking forward to doing it all again come Spring!

In our latest blog, we thought we’d celebrate all the hard work that’s been put in over the last season, all the memories we’ve made and get ourselves pumped for the new season! We’re certain that there’s going to be more tipis, more bespoke menUs and definitely more brownies than ever before!

So, don’t let all the dodgy weather put you off. Let’s look past these gloomy nights, and start planning for when the weather’s a little warmer and everything is blooming marvellous! Let’s Get Planning Your Spring Wedding Catering!

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Exceptional h’ors d’oeuvres

We always like to tickle your guests’ taste buds right from the off. In Spring, there’s some great seasonally accented appetisers which are sure to get you in the mood. With Easter in sight, lots of guests may be expecting eggs a plenty. It may be an idea to serve quail eggs as an appetiser, as an interesting, slightly different take on some common Spring flavours.

Light and Breezy Mains

It’s always best to keep it light in Spring. So ditch those heavier flavours saved for the winter months, and showcase springs brighter tastes. You could try roasted lamb rump, crushed jersey royals and some greens. All finished off with a refreshing mint jus to set your guests tongues tingling.

Decadent Desserts

For dessert, its best to stick with the lighter flavours so your guests aren’t too weighed down for that inevitable boogieing! A buffet style dessert bar may be a good option, with some do it yourself toppings. Or if that’s not what you’re into, you could go with a classic like chocolate mousse that’s always a guaranteed winner. Regardless of your choice, fresh fruit is a great accompaniment to any spring dishes.

A Potential Spring Menu


  • Pea and chorizo tartlettes
  • Edible flower decorations


  • John Dory, fresh peas and dill
  • Trio of rabbit with spring greens


  • Chocolate mouse fruit compote
  • Brownies!

Of course, when we do a wedding it’s always about what speaks to you as a couple. That’s why we always sit down and create a bespoke MenU, you can be proud of!

Start planning your Spring Wedding Today!

So, let’s sit down and start crafting your own menu which is a true representation of you as a couple. Get in touch by using my online referral form or call 01159 220 603 and let’s start making wedding catering awesome all over again. We can’t wait!