Qualities of a Leicester Wedding Caterer

If you have a special event coming up – and especially if it’s your wedding day – you’re going to want to know that the catering will be top notch from start to finish.


So, here’s a list of qualities of a Leicester Wedding Caterer that you should most definitely tick off before you decide who will be feeding you and your guests on the big day!

13 Qualities!

  • Can provide awesome food – kind of goes without saying doesn’t it!
  • Has a good reputation – if previous clients were happy, there’s a good chance you will be too, so do your homework!
  • Offers great service at all times – yep, from that first meeting right up to the clearing away at the end.
  • Excellent communication skills – after all, there’s no point in knowing what you want if the caterer’s not going to listen.
  • Positive attitude – chances are you want your event to be fun and memorable for all the right reasons – no Debbie Downers allowed on the catering team!
  • Culinary knowledge that’s out of this world – forget the set menus, the top caterer will love a challenge!
  • Stamina a gym bunny would be proud of – they can hack the long days and still have a smile on their face at the end.
  • Can work well under pressure – you’ve seen Hell’s Kitchen and know how hectic a restaurant kitchen can be, you need to know your caterer isn’t fazed by it at all.
  • Good time management – let’s be sure the food is coming out when you want it to and not when everyone has gone home!
  • Excellent organisational skills – because we’re holding this fort together and we’re doing it in style!
  • Good problem solver – when something goes wrong, your caterer is going to have it covered.
  • High quality food and drink – make sure they take pride in what they do and chances are you’ll love it!
  • Awareness of a range of diets, cultures and religious needs – again, set menus out, your caterer should provide food and drink that suits you and your guests perfectly.

If you need a Leicester wedding caterer call us!

It’s because we know how special your big day is that we take great pride in being able to offer all of the above, so if you need a Leicester wedding caterer call us today!

We look forward to hearing your ideas and would love to work with you to provide the wedding day menu you’ve been dreaming of.