The Speeches- The Great Debate – Before or After!

The Speeches- Before or after the meal?

Well………. ask any Best Man, Groom or Father of the Bride and he’d say before get it done with! You know what, I’d agree let’s all enjoy our dinner with a napkin soaked in tears, and I think that this could well be the best way, but when your sorting out your wedding catering and designing your menu with your caterer, think about when your speeches will be before or after. So that if indeed, they happen before the meal the Chef will know to turn the already cooked chicken breasts down for example, to keep warm. So that after the tear jerker speech we don’t serve you Chicken Jerky for main course!

Have clarity in what you will want to happen

Some meals in the kitchen can be very time critical, so should you and your wedding caterer  choose one of these I would suggest having your speeches at the end of the meal when at least your man has a bit of something lining his stomach, after all we guys in the kitchen want to make sure you have the best. So if we are clued up that dad is going to bore everyone for 45 minutes then we will just starting cooking when you all in the dining room!

Your decision…

Have a think about when you might want these things to happen on your wedding day, speeches¬†then meal or meal then speeches? If you have any other wedding catering queries or would like to have a no obligation consultation please call me on 01163 260 529 or have another look round my website for more inspiration. For the best wedding catering in Leicester and Loughborough you’re in the right place.