Style of service

Style of Service!

Well this is very personal, there are, loosely speaking three different types of service. One of which we don’t offer here at Thomas Towers because well…. I hate it silver service.. you remember that school ball you went to back in the 80s don’t you? That’s because this style is so dated and finickity awkward and incredibly forgetful!

Don’t get me wrong I like old and traditional but having someone spill Ratatouille all over my shirt isn’t the best for me, you or your guests so it just doesn’t happen!

What are the other two?

The other two styles of service for your wedding catering are:

– Plated: Where all the food will come to you portioned out restraurant style

– Family style which is my favourite! I like it because wedding guests sharing the food between each other breaks the ice and actually instills a little conversation.

So what’s cool for the future?

In 2015 I have done only a handful of plated meals at weddings. Sharing food is definitely en vogue for wedding catering this year and I see it continuing into 2016 in a positive way.

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