The only way is pies…. A Perfect Wedding Catering answer!

I was having a little conversation the other day with a fellow supplier at a show and we were discussing whats cool at the moment in food whats going to be popular in the future and what will always remain..

Wedding catering is an ever changing topic one that will change just like the trends in fashion and popular music, one style may be rock n roll, one may be country chic..But there is one menu that always wins, one menu that in my opinion will always be the coolest style of wedding food and for me eptiomises what a wedding is about.

And thats pies.


Pies are by far the best way to celebrate a marriage just because of what they are and how they stand. Its a tasty filling of meat, its something thats made with love that’s meant to be shared.. isn’t that what a marriage is?

Tasty made with love and to be shared??

I have done my fair share of pie weddings and will continue to and…… I will encourage it also!

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I also like to eat pies! But never the less! A Beautifully made pie, some spiffing veggies and a blob of creamy mash with a gallon of gravy will set me up for an evening of celebration with my friends to party the night away. Dont let me influence you on what you choose for your wedding catering. I will just guide you to what you want to eat.. but I would encourage that you think about what it is you want and why you want it.

Should it be your past together as a couple?

Do you have a meal you’re both known for?

Is there a shared common ground like spice or Italy for example

Have a think.

 The menus we are make are 100% bespoke, we love to hear your ideas you are our inspiration. Speak soon

If you want to create a wedding menu that’s cool and tasty and all you’re mates are going to love then call us on 01163 260 529 and we can get your wedding menu written tasted and ready to serve up on your Big Day