The Timings are Crucial

Time Scales

So you should by now know what time your going to get married, and in turn you should know roughly how long the service will take, and depending on where the service is, the distance between wedding service and venue is quite well known so plan it out!!

I know that people want their wedding and wedding catering to be relaxed most of the time but it will feel un-organised if you don’t secretly have a time plan.

It can change…

Things will inevitably vary from the plan but think of it as though your driving your car to a brand new place you’d still look at the map or type in the post code into the satellite navigation system right?  Well its kind of the same for wedding suppliers and indeed your “best” people on your wedding day you know what’s going to happen and when…….. But do they?

Make a plan…

Here are my critical control points for you to have a think about

  1. What time is your make up going to arrive?
  2. When will you be leaving for the service?
  3. What time does the service start
  4. What time does the service end?
  5. How long will it take you to get from the service venue to the reception?
  6. How long do you want the reception drinks and canapés to last?
  7. When will dinner be served?
  8. When will the speeches be? Before or after the meal?
  9. What time are your evening guests arriving? (If any)
  10. When will the band begin?
  11. When will the band break?
  12. What time will you evening food be served?
  13. What time is it sadly all going to end?

Just having a vague idea and making it public will help the smooth flow to your wedding day.

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