Top wedding food ideas for a hot day!


The gorgeous weather is at last upon us and as the mercury rises across Leicestershire, everyone is firing up the barbie and topping up their tans as they get a good old dose of sunshine into their systems.

It’s bringing an extra element of happy to the weddings I’ve been to lately too, because the last thing you want on your big day is miserable rain. It’s also been giving me some excellent ideas for the kind of catering you can serve up to keep your guests satisfied, but not uncomfortably full.

It’s tough to tell too far in advance exactly what the weather will be like on your big day, but if chances are it’s going to be a warm one, here are some of my top wedding food ideas for a hot day!

A few ideas…

  • Remember to keep your food light, to avoid guests feeling bloated, because this is no fun at all. Hearty dishes such as casseroles, big roast dinners and shepherd’s pie should be saved for the colder months when filling food is more on the cards.
  • Don’t overdo it on the food front either – chances are people will be less likely to want to eat loads on a hot day, so plates piled with food are out. Instead give your guests the chance to try a variety of nibbly dishes and bites.
  • Go slow on the carbs and dairy – people might be wanting to hold on to their bikini bodies for as long as possible and possibly won’t want to be filling up on stodgy food at this time of year. So, think refreshing fruit salads, tempting meat and fish platters and colourful salads with delicious home-made dressings.
  • Ploughman’s style food is a good idea for summer fayre, as it’s not too heavy, but includes all the yummy basics of meat, cheese, salad and bread (which you can’t go far wrong with) you can then dress it up as much as you like with an array of chutneys, pickles, pork pies and other delights.
  • When it comes to puddings, if it’s going to be hot for your Leicester wedding, then look to go for dishes that won’t melt, the minute they’re put out. Instead, how about considering something light and fun, such as an ice cream station, fresh fruit cocktails or a mimosa bar?

A few other tips we’ve learnt in our time

While you can’t predict what the great British weather will bring, there are a few things that you can do in the days before your wedding, should a heatwave come on the cards…

Things to make sure you have sorted include the following:

  • Shade – ensure that guests aren’t in the heat of the sun for too long and that shade is provided should people need it.
  • Ice and water – should be never in short supply on a hot day.
  • Cool storage – for things that you don’t want wilting such as your wedding cake.
  • Suncream – maybe have some handy in the loos, should your guests forget to lather it on before they come.

Did you know I’m a published author?

The wedding food ideas are always on the go with us, so I thought I should get some of them written down. If you would like to discover more of my delicious wedding food menus and recipes, then check out my latest book, which is available on Amazon.