Unusual wedding catering in Leicester

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Leicester is a city renowned for its incredible diversity and many cultures. As a result, it’s a city which can arguably offer the most amazing range of international food to taste in the whole country.

But why only take your chance to enjoy it on a night out? If you’re planning a wedding, it’s so cool these days to steer away from the boring wedding breakfast traditions. So, if you’re looking for unusual wedding catering in Leicester, bring your favourite food to your guests on the big day and create something out there and extraordinary just for them!

Weird but real catering ideas 

Drawing influences from the many countries of the world, how about bringing some street stall flair to your wedding. Here are some ideas to offer you inspiration..


  • Thai street food – fragrant curries, noodles, rice, delicious aromas of lemongrass chilli and ginger – there are so many out of this world flavours to try here.
  • All things Indian – depending on the style you go for, this could mean fabulous street food, finger food or a range of wonderful curries.


  • Mexican/ Spanish street food – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So many options from tacos to tapas, you’re unlikely to leave your guests going hungry.
  • Chilli bar – if you’ve gone for a winter wedding and think your guests might need a little warming up, a hot chilli bar is perfect.


  • Fondue/ raclette – delicious European favourite with so many meats, breads, cheeses and veggies to include.
  • Pie and mash – if it’s a sit down meal you’re having, then why not include some delicious homemade pies and yummy varieties of mashed potato and crunchy vegetables to go with it?


  • Burger bar – long gone are the days of the standard beefburger. Hell no, that’s just boring… there are so many different ones to try from the type of bread you serve it with, to the kind of filling and the delicious extras.
  • Smokehouse Southern style – drawing on the flavours of the US deep south, imagine delicious pulled pork, slaw, yummy sauces and much, much more.

Whatever you want – we can help 

I’m normally bursting with unusual ideas for my Leicester wedding catering clients and am always up for trying a whole range of exciting things with your favourite food. 

Contact me to discuss your unusual wedding catering 

Get in touch today to discuss your weird and wonderful wedding food ideas with me and find out more about what you could be delighting your guests with on the big day!