Wedding Catering in Leicestershire For 2016

Getting married next year? Got your venue all sorted but need to book your caterer? There’s still time but you need to get cracking!

You might have your menu already planned out, you might not have a clue what food you’d like to be served on your big day or, you might have a jumble of mismatched ideas, unsure of what will work or how to pull it off.

Whichever it is, I can help! We can discuss your menu over coffee and cake, working together to create delicious bespoke food, perfectly suited to you.

A Few Wedding Catering Predictions For 2016

I have a few predictions for the amazing, innovative bespoke wedding catering for next year’s weddings. Maybe you fancy incorporating one or two of the following;

  1. Multicultural Menus

    – Maybe your partner loves Indian food? Or you have fond memories of eating Thai street food together? Or have a passion for French cuisine? Whatever it is, it can be incorporated into your menu. Whether we go for Thai or Vietnamese inspired Canapés, or Asian street style bowl food, or a special French main course that you once shared in Paris – it’s all bespoke; designed around you, your favourites things and your shared memories as a couple.

  2. Sweet Treats

    – Favours or parting gifts at the end of the evening are becoming more and more popular. Go for homemade fudge, specially wrapped or boxed and in bespoke flavours picked exclusively by you.fudge-kitchen-fudgeEmma & Stuart

  3. Amazing Appetisers

    – Canapés are your guests first impression of the wedding catering that will follow. For me, that means they’re really important! They also keep hunger pangs at bay in the gap between ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Serve a range of hot and cold, visually delicious canapés to get the party started. You can incorporate your multi-cultural menu into this part of the wedding catering with great flourish (as it’s optional, for flavour shy folks).rsz_kate_&_alex-396

  4. Pretty Plates

    – Forget plain plates and go for quirky, mismatched, colourful crockery. I’m not talking any old wilko’s plates you find in the cupboard; still opt for fine bone china, but remember, it doesn’t have to be plain white and boring!

  5. Evening Delights

    – So you’ve had a long day, a big meal and copious amounts of wine. Later on, what sort of food do you fancy? Slow roasted pulled pork in homemade bread buns with apple sauce, Mexican tacos with guacamole and sour cream, gourmet hot dogs with caramelised onions or barbequed wild boar and chorizo burgers with salsa. Sounds better than a standard buffet, huh?

    You could even have a BBQ Wedding!

Make Your Day Special with Bespoke Ideas

Now you’ve had a sneaky peak at a few of my delectable ideas for your wedding catering, let’s start creating your menu. Here at Thomas The Caterer, your wedding catering is truly bespoke. I know we bang on about it, but it really is. There’s no menu A, B or C, and all menus are created by you (with a little help from me!) Maybe you’ve got a unique idea that you don’t think is possible? They’re my favourite kind of ideas! If you can dream it, we can do it.

Contact Me Today!

To discuss your wedding catering ideas with me, give me a call, or click here to pop me an email via my online contact form. I look forward to being part of your special day!