Wedding sharing platters

I had an idea at the start of the year to showcase how amazing and delicious wedding sharing platers can be, it’s been a real hit with my 2015 brides and grooms and I just had to share what we will be cooking for some lucky couples and their families this summer.

Now obviously my skills lie in the kitchen not so much on the Photography with the exception of “Iphoneography” and instagram… So I called upon a very talented and passionate man Ed Brown so take the photos and make the food glow, or glow more anyways..

But that wasn’t enough we needed someone with style, grace and a touch of glamour to keep us boys in line and add a feminine touch who else could I ask but the beautiful Karen, director of Darby and Joan ltd it goes without saying the lady has class and is one cool dudette!

So on a beautiful sunny april morning we arrived at Karens family, home made our creative den  and made sharing platters for weddings and the results are truly fandabby dozy!

Here is what we got up to I hope your not hungry…

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all food made by Thomas the caterer 

all photos by Ed Brown Photography

all decor styling and props Darby and Joan Vintage ltd